Outfit ideas in white + pink + red

Hi everyone!

One of the main things I always consider when coming up with coords is the colour combination. Recently I have really loved the combination of white, pink and red in different kind of outfits. I think it gives so many possibilities as it suits both winter and summer looks depending on the shades. I’ve been wearing only pastels for the last couple of years and only recently I bought some red clothes! I tried to come up with some spring/summer coords including the two red garments I got recently.


IMG_0235.2 – Kopio (675x900) (563x750)

Outfit number 1

The top, the skirt, the belt and the purse are all second hand purchases. The cherry hair clip I got as an extra on some Ebay purchase years ago and the beret is handmade by me. The top is knitted and the beret is made of wool so this coord might work better on a bit colder day. I forgot the shoes on this coord (oops) but I think white shoes would look nice with this. For hair I think I’d do one messy low bun.


IMG_0239.2 (675x900) (563x750)

Outfit number 2

The top is a second hand find, the earrings and the skirt are handmade by me and the necklace and the shoes (Swankiss) I got as gifts. The skirt is a bit ott so I decided to go all out and pair it with the Swankiss shoes. I think the pearls go nicely with the sparkling shoes! I wanted this outfit to be bit more of the Swankiss style as I love the brand. I think curly hair and flashy makeup would suit this coord! This outfit would be nice on a bit colder day as well because of the top and the shoes.


IMG_0244.2 (675x900) (563x750)

Outfit number 3

All items on this look are second hand finds except for the hairbow which I made. The blouse is made of a very light material so it’s perfect for a hot summer day. I thought this would be an outfit I would wear on a hot summer day maybe to a picnic when I might need to walk a lot so I picked a pair of comfortable shoes. I think the pink shoes with white details balance the outfit nicely too.


IMG_0250.2 (675x900) (563x750)

Outfit number 4

Everything else on this look are second hand finds except the bustier which I made and the choker which I got as a gift. This coord would work nicely without the cardigan as well on a warm summer day and the cardigan is perfect when it gets a bit chilly at the evening. The shoes and the bustier give this outfit a delicate look. For hair I think I would do a high bun or just leave the hair open and do some loose curls.


What do you think of the outfits? What are you going to wear during spring and summer? Did you like this post & what kind of posts would you like to see in the furute? Please leave a comment! ♡♡

2 thoughts on “Outfit ideas in white + pink + red”

  1. This post is the cutest! I’m a bit jealous of your fabulous second hand finds. Pink × red is a combo I really associate with you! It just fits you perfectly. Can’t wait to read more from you!


    1. Thank you so much Biia!! ♡ I haven’t been wearing red for years but now I feel excited to wear it again! And I’m so happy to hear that and I hope you will enjoy my posts in the future as well!


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