Ank Rouge lucky bag 2017 review

Hi guys!

It’s been while since I last blogged haha.. I’ve really wanted to get back to blogging so I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for new posts. I got my first ever lucky bag from a japanese brand Ank Rouge recently so I thought I could write a review of the contents! I hope this will be a helpful post to those who are considering to maybe buy a lucky bag from Ank Rouge next year or to those who are interested in some specific items in this bag and want to buy them second hand.

The thing that made me want to buy this lucky bag was the super cute bear print fabric which was used in the bag itself and in one of the one piece dresses. The bag was also promised to include a knitted one piece dress, a hooded one piece dress, a coat and one secret item. All of the items were available in two different colors which came randomly. My plan was to share the lucky bag with two of my friends since I didn’t need the coat myself and I don’t really wear hoodies nowadays. A couple of my other friends happened to be in Japan during new years and they were kind enough to bring us the lucky bag which I’m so thankful for! ;_; That means I didn’t use a shopping service this time and I’ll only be reviewing the contents of the bag in this post. The bag cost 10,000¥ (around 90€) and is promised to include items which are worth around 40,000¥ (around 330€).
Here are the items that were in the bag we got.

So the bag is white and all the other items we knew beforehand we would be getting came in pink. The secret item, the plaid blouse, came in dark blue. My friend who was supposed to get the hoodie one piece dress was hoping for it to come in black so that was slightly disappointing. That’s the only disappointment in the bag though as everything else looked nice in both colors and we didn’t really care in which color they would come in.

So lets take a look at the bag first. The first thing I noticed about the bag was that the handles are very sturdy which is really nice. The bag itself is not very sturdy since it is not lined. The raw edges in the inside are finished with some sort of ribbon though so it’s pretty much as nice and clean on the inside as it can be without a lining. The material is pretty interesting. In front it feels kind of soft and like slightly “fuzzy” but in the inside it looks like satin. On the label it says the material is polyester which is fine for a bag like this. It will last in use for a while but the surface feels like it might get stained pretty easily. Only handwashing is recommended but since the material is polyester I think you might be able to wash it in a machine as well. Basically if you want to use this bag you should treat it very carefully and avoid putting it down on any dirty surfaces. The print is obviously really cute and I absolutely adore the ruffle details on it.


The dress with the same bear pattern is made from the same material as the bag and is fully lined. It feels nice on but since both the main fabric and the lining are made of polyester I might not wear it during summer since polyester doesn’t breathe much it easily makes you sweat more than you’d usually do and since only handwashing is recommended for the dress you really want to avoid sweating on it. I got the dress in the pink colorway as you can see but I don’t mind since I liked both options. The only thing that bothers me about the design is the black ribbons which I plan to take off and replace with ribbons in some lighter color. I really really like the dress but there is actually a tiny manufacturing defect on it. The bows are sewn on with a machine through both the main fabric and the lining and while the lowest bow was sewn on the main fabric and the lining were not lined. This causes a small wrinkle to appear when I wear the dress.. I don’t mind it that much since I’m going to replace the ribbons anyway and I can fix the problem when I do that but if I wasn’t it would be pretty annoying. Otherwise I see no problems with the dress. The fabric does not stretch at all so there is a zipper on the back and a tiny hook above the zipper to make the dress easier to put on. The lining makes the dress easier to put on and it gives nice little poof for the skirt part. I also really like the fact that the hem is finished with bias tape which is a nice tecnique and should make the hem slightly less wrinkly than when you just fold the hem twice and topstitch it. Usually Ank Rouge dresses similar to this cost around 9,600¥ when you buy them new.

See the little wrinkles around the lowest bow? Those should not be there..


The hooded teddybear dress is pretty basic. The material is typical college material which consists of cotton and polyester. The college material is pretty thin though which makes it feel really nice and light when worn. The dress is loose fitting and comfy and the wide hem makes it look really nice. The hood is lined with the college fabric but otherwise the dress is not lined. Overall the quality seems okay. My only concern would be if the print will fade after a couple of washes but you can’t really say beforehand what will happen. Similar Ank Rouge dresses seem to cost maybe around 4,000-6,000¥ on their website.



I sort of have mixed feelings about the coat. The main fabric is mainly made of polyester and the lining is 100% polyester so the coat propably wont be very warm outdoors.. I live in Finland so I personally always go for coats with wool in them since in Finland the temperature can go to even -30C in winter. If you live in a warmer area the coat might be warm enough for you I guess. The design is cute though and the main fabric is pretty fun. The surface is fuzzy which I was not expecting based on the advertising photos. The hood is HUGE but the pockets are pretty tiny. The coat is fully lined and nicely and cleanly finished on the inside. It comes with one extra button which is nice. The buttons on the coat aren’s sewn on very tightly btw but that’s unfortunaly not an unusual problem with factory made clothes nowadays. For the price the coat isn’t bad quality at all. The fit is pretty nice on me exept that the sleeves feel a bit too tight when I wear a knit underneath. New coats similar to this are sold for around 10,000-15,000¥ on Ank Rouge website.


The knit.. is very cute but if it was sold separately I propably wouldn’t buy it. Mainly because it’s made of acrylic. Clothes made from acrylic tend to get full of lint very easily so they wont last in use very long. In the label they basically tell you to never wash it too lol. I usually wash my acrylic knits by hand though so I think that should be fine with this knit too. The design is pretty basic but cute so I guess this will be good to wear for work. It’s also pretty thin btw. I wish I could do something to prevent the lint from forming since that way I wouldn’t feel so iffy about the knit but I guess I just need to treat it extra carefully. So yeah.. The knit looks nice and the lenght and the fit look good on me too but the quality of the material is not the best. Similar knits from Ank Rouge usually cost around 6,000¥.


And lastly, the secret item which ended up being a dark blue and white plaided blouse. According to the label the main fabric is made of cotton and the other materials are made of polyester. The bodice is lined but the sleeves aren’t. Because of the lining the blouse looks neatly finished inside. Like in the bear printed dress there is a zipper and a tiny hook on the back since the fabrics do not stretch at all. The ribbon is removable. One of the things I really like about the blouse is that there are tiny loops to keep the ribbon on place which I believe makes this blouse more wearable since you wont feel annoyed by the ribbon sliding off all the time. On the cuffs and on the collar there are cute ruffle details which I just absolutely love. The blouse also comes with one extra button btw. I think the blouse is a pretty good secret item! The colorway doesn’t really suit my wardrobe so one of my friends who I shared the bag with ended up taking it. The blouse is an unsold item from some of Ank Rouge’s previous collections. Their bloses usually cost around 6,900¥.



So.. Overall it’s a nice bag. Despite some average material choises and that one manufactuding defect on the dress I think overall the quality of the items is fine. Especially the dress (after I have fixed it..) and the blouse are really nice items. I read somewhere that it’s common knowledge that lucky bag exclusive items usually are not as good quality as normal items which makes sense. I believe that good care and little fixes will make sure that these items can be used for a long time. I also really like the fact that all of the items are interesting and can be styled differently with different accessories and clothes. I ended up getting the bag, the bear printed dress and the knit myself and I might end up getting the bear hoodie dress as well since we got it in pink.

I hope you liked this post and I hope I’ll be able to write more soon! If you have any ideas or requests what would you like to see me write about go ahead and leave a comment or send me a message on tumblr!


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