Dreamy bunny & kitty photoshoot

Hi friends!

I’m sorry for my absence! I’ve been quite busy for the past couple of weeks and didn’t have time to finish this post until now. What took me so long was editing pics from a photoshoot we had recently! I shooted with my friends Yotsu and moumau. We took these pics entirely for fun and I totally found myself enjoying taking photos! I’m really happy with the pics I took and I hope you guys like them as well! Biggest thanks for the cutest models, you two are the best!!

We wanted the photos to turn out very sweet and dreamy so we shooted early afternoon on a sunny day. For the clothes we chose something that “seems like fancy sleepwear but actually isn’t”. Do you think we succeeded? We decided on a strict color palette and chose airy and dream-like materials. I wanted to think of this as a styling practice for myself but even when I came up with the concept we ended up choosing the outfits together. We thought the bunny & cat ears would look cute, maybe because it was easter when we did the shooting haha!

Anyway, from here on it will be photos we took. I hope you enjoy!

DSC00671 (800x532)DSC00674... (800x485)DSC00683. (532x800)

DSC00692.. (800x532)DSC00704 (800x557)

__DSC00710. (493x800)DSC00728 (800x545)

Yotsu actually snapped a couple of photos with me in them as well. I felt quite a bit more awkward in front of the camera compared to being behind the camera haha but these turned out pretty cute anyway!

__DSC00850.. (555x800)__DSC00886 (800x605)

DSC00947 (562x800)

What did you think? I hope you liked the photos and I’ll be back as soon as I can!

Have a lovely week everyone! ♡


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