The first accessory collection from my brand Purellia + outfit ideas

Hi guys!

It’s been a while and a lot has happened in my life during these months while I haven’t been posting much. If you follow any of my social media accounts you might already know this but I actually started my own brand called Purellia recently! Purellia items are handmade by me using upcycled fabrics and my plan is to make both clothes and accessories for sale. The first collection, “Darling”, consists of accessories only and since I will be opening the Purellia store next week I wanted to come up with some outfit ideas for all the items in the collection this time! I hope this is helpful for you if you have been considering whether to get some of the items or not or if you like the items but don’t know how to coordinate them!

These are the items from the “Darling” collection! The ruffly heart barrette and the ruffly bag are both made of the same satin and come in light pink and white and the feather fluff earrings come in pink. All visible hardware is in gold. All of the colors go nicely together so the pieces are easy to mix and match!

Here are the outfit ideas using items from the “Darling” accessory collection!


Outfit 1

The first outfit is a more casual look. I paired my trusted thrifted denim jacket with the Ank Rouge lucky bag hoodie dress. The pastel pink color and the cutesy bear print suit the ruffle details on the barrette and the bag. The pink versions of the items would look really cute with this outfit as well! Since I thought this would be a more casual look I’d just leave my hair down and maybe even wear sneakers.



Outfit 2

For the second outfit I only used the feather fluff earrings from the collection. I wanted to wear some pink with them so I chose this dress which I made which has a cute pink floral pattern on it. The dress can also be worn without a top under it but for this look I added a thrifted lace top which is originally from H&M. The shoes are also thrifted and they are vintage. I thought the gold details on the shoes matched the gold parts in the earrings really nicely! For the hair I would tie it on some sort of ponytail to show off the earrings. And the last touch would be cute pink lips!



Outfit 3

For the third outfit I decided to go full on Swankiss style. The blouse and the shoes are both from Swankiss and I decided to pair them with the pink ruffly bag and the ruffly heart barrette since the color of the blouse matches the color in them really well! The skirt is thrifted vintage and was afterwards decorated by me to look more like the corset skirt from Katie. Laceup details are very Swankiss so I thought the skirt would look nice with this coord. I decided to add some golden heart earrings to match the golden parts on the bag. I would do a wavy hair and add some strong blush on the cheeks to add some more Swankiss vibes!



Outfit 4

For the last outfit I decided to go for a very dreamy look. The satin on the bag and the barrettes kind of make me think about pillows and bedsheets so aesthetic-wise they go nicely with this nightie. The nightie and the t-shirt dress under it are both thrifted and so are the shoes. I decided to add both of the barrettes since the colors look nice with the dresses! For the hair I’d go for something as effortless looking as possible.


I hope this post gave you some ideas and inspiration! Which one of the outfits is your favourite? I hope you guys like the Purellia “Darling” collection! I will open the webstore on July 26th at 17:00 UTC and I will update more details on Purellias Instagram so please check it out!

Thanks for reading! ♡

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