Rose Marie Seoir lucky bag 2018 review

Hi guys!

Long time no see! A lot has been going on in my life for the past months which has led me dedicating less of my time for this blog. This time I’m back with a review because I wanted to write about the Rose Marie Seoir lucky bag which I decided to order this year. Last year I saw many people getting one and everyone got such beautiful items that I wanted to give it a try too!

I have wanted to buy things from the brand for several years but my financial situation hasn’t allowed me to do so before, which is also one of he reasons for why I decided to order a lucky bag. There were different types of bags available and there were two options for the biggest, most expensive bag: one with shoes and one without shoes. The biggest bag cost a bit over 20,000¥ (with shipping and other costs it was around 200€ total) and the items in it had the value of 60,000¥ (which is about 450€). Sounds like a great deal right? Unlike last year, this year you were not allowed to choose the shoes the bag would contain if you got the bag that included those. I was too afraid I would get a pair I didn’t like and since RMS shoes usually cost around 20,000¥ I decided to not take the risk that I most likely would not like an item that takes up around one third of the value of the whole bag. In the end I decided to buy the biggest bag without shoes, meaning 450€ worth of clothes and accessories.

I ordered via Mint Kismet Shopping and as always I was really happy with the friendly service I got! The bag was released on 1.1. and it arrived to Mint Kismet on 2.1. (either preordered packages had been sent early or Japanese mail system is REALLY fast lol), I had it shipped to me by Registered Airmail on 3.1. and the package arrived to me in Finland on 10.1.

The items were actually not inside the lucky bag, the bag was just folded with the rest of the items inside a box. When I opened the box the first thing I got my hands on was a bubble wrapped bag of small accessories.

The bag was closed with an adorable heart shaped Rose Marie Seoir sticker!

I’ll just write some small notes about each item as there are so many of them.


I got the heart crystal cross hairpin in a blue/lavender color. I have always adored the design even though I’m not that into crosses so I was happy about this one! The construction is sturdy and the hairclip stays on my hair really well too even though the cross is on the heavier side. I would have preferred to have this in another color and as a necklace though so I might end up selling it at some point since it’s not exactly what I wanted, even though it’s really beautiful. I’m also up for trading if someone has this in some other color!

This item values 4,860¥ on their webshop.


I also got this pink glittery bow hair clip. At first when I saw this item I was a bit afraid thinking about all the glitter falling off of it but when I touched the bow for the first time I was pleasantly surprised by the smooth plastic coating it has! So no falling glitter, yay! This one is also really sturdy and the hairclip keeps the bow in place rally well. This is an item I might not have bought myself but now that I got it I think I actually really like it! The design is really cute and I’m happy I got it in pink!

This item values 2,376¥ on their webshop.


I got these RM powder puff earrings in lavender. I think the powder puff design is really iconic and something I always think of when I think about Rose Marie Seoir so I was really happy to receive them! The design is beautiful to every detail and the super thin chain makes them look so dainty! Mine are clip ons but when I checked the website these are also available with hooks. The clip is pretty tight so I hope they will loosen in use. I would have preferred to have these in some other color but the greyish lavender is super beautiful too. (But I’m ready trade if anyone happends to have this in other color! Lol)

The powder puffs are made from real animal fur though as far as I can tell (rabbit I believe) so you might want to consider that before buying this item.

This item values 4,212¥ on their webshop.

I also got two chokers which both are ribbons you can tie yourself to the lenght you want. The black one is a pretty basic satin ribbon with golden embroided text and I believe it should be tied as a bow around your neck. I was unable to find this item on their webshop so I guess it might be some of their leftover stock they just decided to throw in lol. Sadly I don’t know the value of the item because of this though. I don’t really wear black myself so I’ll propably sell this one (some of my friends showed interest to it so I might already have found a new owner for it yay!)

The other one is a string with pompoms on both ends and it can be wrapped around the neck for a couple of times and then tied on a bow. I was super happy about this item when I saw it! I was actually hoping I would get this one since the design is so cute and versatile and I got it in my favourite color too! I believe I’ll wear this one a lot!

The only downside is that I believe the string itself is made of real leather. I’ve worked with leather in the past and the string feels real to me. The pompoms are made of polyester though I believe.

This item values 2,160¥ on their webshop.


I got a bunch of small golden accessories too. The Babydoll and cherry brooches are really cute! I don’t wear brooches that often but I really like these so I guess I need to start wearing more brooches now! The Babydoll brooch values 2,160¥ on Zozotown and the cherry one values 2,484¥ on RMS webshop.

As I said before I’m not super into cross motifs but these earrings and bracelet are pretty cute. Lavender isn’t really my color (someone please swap with me haha) but the design is really cute. The earrings value 2,160¥ and the bracelet values 1,944¥ on their webshop.


The last item in the bubble wrapped accessory bag was a 2018 calendar which consists of beautiful cards (one for each month) that feature some really cute photography of girls wearing RMS items. I really like how the photos are so beautiful it makes me want to save the cards even after the year passes! I don’t want to show all the cards yet so I can post them monthly to my Insta so stay tuned haha! The cards come in a neat case similar to cd cases which makes them very easy to store.

I was unable to find this item on the webshop so I’m not sure if this could have been a lucky bag exclusive item? Either way I sadly have no idea what is the value of this item.

Let’s move on to the bigger items.



So after I had picked up the small accessory bag from the box the items came in the next item I could pick up was the ballet shoes bag! This is also one of the iconic Rose Marie seoir items that I would first think of when I think about the brand. My preferred color would have been the light pink one but I really really like the red one too! There are no labels on it sadly but I believe the fabric is made of polyester. I thought it would have been cotton canvas material which would have been sturdier and this type of polyester is not my favourite kind of material tbh.

Here you can see the insides and the construction of the bag.

The construction is okay I’d say. The bag does not have a lining and the seams have been overlocked in the inside. To make the seams more sturdy they could have at least done french seams but this is clean enough I think. The satin ribbons feel sturdier than I thought which is a pleasant surprise! I thought the ribbons you tie would become untied really easily but the ribbon is not as slippery as I had thought which is great. The design is really cute and unique and the print seems good quality too (I’m not an expert on this though).

This item values 6,372¥ on their webshop.


The next item I picked up was this white ”corset” belt with lace up details on each side and hidden clips in he middle front for the opening. The belt is made of a very stretchy polyester fabric and it has no boning so I wouldn’t consider it an actual corset though lol. It is lined using the same material as the shell and it’s pretty neatly constucted overall. The lace up parts do not have any kind of flaps behind them though like real corsets would have but I guess it would make the belt too bulky or something? I’m not too sure what to think about this item.

The material is not exactly my favourite and I’m not yet too sure how to coordinate it since I’ve never owned anything like it before. Corset belts are trendy at the moment so I guess I can easily find some coord inspo though! The color fits my wardrobe too so I’m open for trying diffeent coords with this item. I also started thinking if I could sew some sort of skirt part to the bottom of the belt and use it as a waistband for a skirt basically but I haven’t decided yet.

This item also isn’t available on their website so I have no idea about the value of the item.


And then.. there were the clothes. The clothes my bag included were this brownish red velour set of a Peter Pan collared short sleeved top and a skirt with lace up corset detail on the front. When worn together they sort of look like a dress but I guess you could coordinate them separately also. Sadly, these don’t really suit my taste at all and I was hoping to get a satin dress or skirt so I was pretty disappointed with this. Velour isn’t really the kind of material I would wear anyway and the color also does not suit me.. I’m definitely selling this set and luckily some of my friends already showed interest for this set. If any of you guys are interested in the set please message me on IG/Tumblr and I’ll let you know if none of my friends end up buying it from me.

Anyway, the quality of the set is okay. The velour is on the thicker side and it’s stretchy, which is why, I believe, the items are not lined. The top has a zipper on center back on the neck and the skirt has a shirring on the back and no zipper. The velour is made of polyester and the lace is made of cotton. The lace is nice and I like how it has been ruffled before sewing it on. Sometimes on garments like this the companies want to save on material costs and if they did lace ruffles like on this top they would use as little lace as possible. RMS used lace very generously which makes the ruffles look fuller and it looks really pretty. They also used a lot of fabric for the skirt as it is almost a full circle skirt I believe, which is really nice and makes the silhouette really pretty.

There are a couple of small manufacturing defects on the top, some overlocking thread ends hanging out and the center back seam hasn’t been sewn correctly near the zipper. This causes a small bulk to appear on the right side but luckily this is pretty easy to fix yourself. (Click the images to see the captions) Overall I’d say the quality is nice and the design is thought out but there are parts where you can see they were cutting corners with the manufacturing costs.

Both the top and the skirt value 12,960¥ on their webshop so if you bought the set it would be 25,920¥ together. If this was my style it would have been a very lucky get since the set alone values more than what the whole bag cost.

This is the actual lucky bag btw. You randomly got this in either red or black.

That’s all the items I got. Overall, I think this was a good bag. Even though the top and skirt set isn’t my style and I was hoping to get some other clothes, I really like how they went for a mostly red/pastel pink/lavender color palette with the contents of my lucky bag and I get the feeling they actually thought out a coordinate I could put together with these items. I think I got a good bag since the colors are something that do suit my wardrobe, I would have been in trouble if the items happened to be in something like blue/green/black color scheme. :—D I’m happy I got some Rose Marie Seoir items for a more affordable price as my fist items from them and after seeing the items in person and checking the quality I definitely want to get more items from them! Their satin dresses are gorgeous and they are something I surely want to own one day.

I checked the value of each item to check if their promise of 60,000¥ worth of stuff would be true and I think it’s pretty accurate. I can’t fully calculate the value of all items as three of them are not availabe on their webshops but everything else already adds up to almost 60,000¥. I think if you get lucky and get the items in colors you like this bag is really worth it, if most of RMS items suit your style of course. I think I might get one again next year!

I hope this super long post was helpful for you if you have been considering buying some of Rose Marie Seoir’s items or if you’ve been thinking if the lucky bags are worth it or not!

I’ll try to not abandon this blog for months again haha! Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!♡

2 thoughts on “Rose Marie Seoir lucky bag 2018 review”

  1. Oooh I love all the jewelry you got in the lucky pack! So many pretty accessories (especially those puffball earrings!) ❤
    It's a shame that the clothes aren't really your style, but at least you can sell them ^^
    This has made me so tempted to buy a lucky pack from them next year! It seems like it was a really good value~


    1. I feel that with the jewelry and accessories overall I got very lucky. Especially considering the colors of the items I got since lately I have only been wearing white/pink/red/grey colored clothes!
      The value is insane! I believe they might be putting in some items that have small manufacturing defects because they can’t sell them normally. The clothes I got had some but they are so easy to fix that personally I don’t mind it. I think this was a great way at least for me to support the brand for the first time and get to know more about their quality and sizing and I’d say it’s a great experience!


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